My Recent Achievement

I just wanted to take a moment to note my recent story of how I got a teaching position at one of the best university in San Diego and became a business instructor. This note is for myself, but I also share in my blog so it can be of help.
So...recently I listened to Emi's Podcast and aftershow video and chat with my friend Nikki, I had a chance to revisit my small desire of teaching business skills or advising careers using my experience and knowledge.
Originally I assumed that it is essential to hold an MBA or other master's degree to teach, but I did not have a wish or plan to study for further degrees as I am mid-30's with solid working experience -both corporate and entrepreneurial- in multi-cultural environment.
Then what I did was to get online and emailed some of my contacts in the high-education industry and asked their thoughts. And guess what, one of them replied and said they are actually seeking a new teacher for one of their business programs. He asked if that is something I was interested in.
The course is Cross-Cultural Negotiation. I am expert on culture and communication, but just like most of other people, I was not sure if I am a successful negotiator. Actually the funny thing is that when I graduated from a business program, I told my friends that I wish I learned negotiation skills in class. And now they are offering me to teach it!
Looking back my life, I realized I have been negotiating in some turning points. Even now I negotiate inside and out of the company. I know that is why they considered me to be a good fit for the teaching position. Also, I considered it as a good opportunity to learn thoroughly the topic and provide students opportunity to practice and own it so they can use the skills in the real world. I replied yes. We had a meeting this morning and they were all helpful to make my course be successful. My success is their success, and the students success.
Now all I need to do is prepare well. I asked them what their expectations are and my requirement is, I also reached out to some of my contacts who have previously taken that course and learned what they liked and expected more from the class. I know what I need to do, so just do it! I also know some friends in teaching position, I will ask them effective instruction design. I will utilize my creativity to build the course. I will include activities, role play, assignments collaborated with other classes or their daily life. My ultimate goal in teaching is to give lectures and workshops whenever I go back to Japan.
Thank you for reading!

Crazy note 1: After I was hired as a business instructor, I received email from Director of Instructional Excellence, and guess what, she was my English teacher when I came to US!! She was the one who kindly invited me to their Thanksgiving dinner when I told her I would love to experience American culture of Thanksgiving.

Crazy note 2: Once I was dreaming of teaching cultural adjustment a few years ago, I contacted the same person who hired me. She did not know me back then. She replied and said they already have a teacher for what I wanted to teach. After that, I get connected with her, some people told her about me, I had a chance to meet her, they invited me to their graduation ceremony, etc etc...

- Have a great networking skills and keep in touch with your good contacts
- Tell people what you are interested and seek their thoughts
- Ask good questions, generally people like to be asked advice
- Understand about yourself, especially your strengths and what makes you happy
- Always thankful for what comes to your way, no matter how it looks
- When opportunity comes, just say yes and think how you can achieve the goal
- Get comfortable being uncomfortable
- Know there is nothing to lose
- Confidence is built on your effort
- Be free from whatever limitation you imagine (in my case I still work full-time and carve out some time off)

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