I Love My People @Work

This is a note to myself to remind me that I love where I work and enjoy working with my coworkers.

- I can learn real Spanish every day
- I can practice my Spanish while working
- I can eat yummy seafood tacos
- I can walk to get tacos lunch
- I can stay connected with working mommies
- I can exchange gifts with coworkers on special occasions
- I can discuss good books or politics with my coworkers
- I can talk about language acquisition or bilingual education with the intern
- I can get free lunch at cafeteria
- I can work with smart engineers and coworkers
- I can work with no time pressures
- I can go pick up my baby with easem
- I can work wherever I want only with my laptop and cell phone
- I can talk about salsa music with my coworker

I am writing this in English to share my life with my friends and pen pals all over the world.




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